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About Me

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Wendy is an award winning photographer from Lenexa, Kansas. She is humbled to have received many awards including Best of Landscape
and Architecture in the 2019 RG Endres Gallery Art of Photography Show and the Artists of Lenexa Arts Council’s Choice Award
in 2019 and 2021.

Wendy’s solo shows include exhibits at Lenexa City Hall and the RG Endres Gallery. She has also exhibited at Powell Gardens, Buttonwood Art Space, Jones Gallery, Vanessa Lacy Gallery, Lenexa City Hall, Overland Park Art at the Center and Revocup Lenexa.

Wendy was the contract event photographer for Powell Gardens in 2019. She was also a volunteer event photographer for Lenexa from
2016-2021. Her other projects include work for Shriner Magazine, VooDoo Lounge and the City of Riverside. Her work can be seen on magazine covers, various printed materials and social media.

Wendy’s body of photographic work includes many techniques, including long-exposures, UV fluorescent light, light-painting, infrared, macro and ultra macro photography. Her photos are very colorful and evoke a lot of emotion, joy and fun, regardless of the subject matter. 

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